Our complete program from A to Z:

Preparation of

                 · multilingual           

                 · EC - Safety Data Sheet according to 1907/2006/EC (REACH / GHS) and 2015/830

                 · Workplace Safety Cards

                 · Labels

                 · Tremcards (Instructions in Writing for the Driver)

Consultation at

                         · Product registration in accordance with § 10WRMG at BfR

                          (Environment Protection Authority)

                         · Product registration in accordance with § 16e Chemikaliengesetz at BfR (Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung)

                         · Formulations / Preparations according to Gefahrstoffverordnung (CHIP)

                         · All environmental relevant company changes

Expert-opinions for

                         · Conformity / plausibility of your Safety Data Sheet

                         · The product range corresponding to cosmetical regulations

                         · Approval for exception according to § 5 ADR

                         · Safety assessment of cosmetics

                         · cosmetical products

Information about

                         · Changes of legal regulations / monthly

                         · Conclusion of all activities at contractual care / monthly

                         · Each order, written with quotation and time of carry out

Classification according to

                         · Method of calulation of the EEC-directive

                         · ADR

                         · IMDG - Code

                         · IATA - DGR

Medium per

                         · Paper

                         · Floppy-disk

                         · CD-ROM

Software for

                         · Archivation and / or distribution of foreign or own SDS via CD-ROM

                         · Preparation of SDS, Workplace Safety Cards (LYCOS*ATHENA)

Taking over of

                         · Product registrations

                         · Supplying your customers with EEC-Material Safety Data Sheet and

                           the responsable documentation

                         · Task of  "Dangerous Goods Expert"

                         · Tasks of the “Safety expert“

                         · Printjobs for labels according to CHIPS and ADR

Translations from

                         · English to German

                         · French to German

                         · Dutch to German

Work-Shop for

                         · Elaborating MSDS according to 1907/2006/EC

                         · The SDS in practical use

                         · Labelling in accordance with the directives

* first German expert witness for Classification and labelling of dangerous substances and dangerous goods (Material Safety Data Sheet)

Author for KeMiKa XXI, the leading internet publisher of expert documents on chemicals, environment, transportation, and international regulations.